Keep Your Iodine Levels Healthy: Critical Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Advice

Let’s face it: pregnancy and breastfeeding can be really hard on our body, depriving us of normal vitamin and mineral levels we take for granted any other time. Your body, after all, is working harder to nourish your child and ultimately, to fuel your child’s physiological development.

One mineral that has been falling to low levels in pregnant and nursing mothers is iodine. So dire has the situation gotten that doctors have been voicing their concerns in papers published in some of the world’s leading medical journals.

From the research conducted concerning the low iodine trend, doctors are coming to a clear consensus.

Iodine supplements are essential for pregnant and nursing mums!

Iodine is absolutely important for growing babies and their mums, because it is essential for thyroid hormone production and foetal neurodevelopment. The thyroid gland helps keep metabolic processes kicking along nicely, and a deficiency of iodine can result in illnesses for you, that can also harm your baby.

Iodine helps babies develop neurologically, and a low level of iodine in pregnant women actually increases the likelihood of retardation in children. Iodine deficiency causes preventable mental retardation all around the world.

So what can you do to increase your iodine?

Although iodine is naturally found in dairy products, seafood, eggs, bread, select vegetables and iodised salt, your body will see iodine levels fall during pregnancy and breastfeeding. That’s why it’s best for you to find a good quality iodine supplement, geared specifically to pregnant and breast feeding mums.

You’ll find what you need by visiting a Naturopath.

The current recommended daily dose of iodine for pregnant women is 220mcg of iodine, so a supplement is definitely your best bet for yourself and of course, your baby.

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